Health and safety

We believe that health and safety are of the utmost importance and they guide every decision we make. That is why Soudure Dufer has made it our mission to ensure it stays true to its #1 priority, workplace health and safety. Our management team works tirelessly to make health and safety part of the corporate culture through concrete actions and by communicating clear and consistent messages to both employees and customers.


Not only that, but in recent years the management team has added a component to its administrative practice that is designed to get them closer to their employees and the work they do. With this in mind, Soudure Dufer works alongside its qualified employees to ensure it reaches its goal of becoming a proactive leader in workplace health and safety.


As such, our management team is committed to deploying the necessary resources to ensure that these actions are part of everyday life in the workplace and that they have a lasting impact. The company also benefits from every opportunity it is given to improve its preventative approach to occupational health and safety. We watch for all the little details so that occupational health and safety can be changed for the better.


Soudure Dufer achieves this through a commitment to:

  • Being present
  • Acting consistently
  • Following-up regularly

Community involvement

Community involvement is one of our core values. We want to give back to the people of Abitibi-Témiscamingue, but especially to the young people who represent the future of our amazing community:

  • Donation of bicycles
  • Media food drive
  • Malartic emergency response training site
  • Malartic batting cages
  • Minor league hockey teams
  • Minor league baseball teams
  • Malartic karate
  • Soccer teams
  • Swimming club
  • Malartic golf study-play
  • Malartic Youth Shelter